Wednesday, September 1, 2010

9.1.2010 - News

Legend of the Fist - action version of the poster

Charlene Choi
Nicholas Tse

The video game-inspired TV drama "Romance of Swords" features Charlene Choi and Nicholas Tse.

First China-shot mutant action movie has OK effects but is kneecapped by a ridiculous script.
Tsai was born in Malaysia, but has worked extensively in Taiwan and is one of the most eminent figures among the ‘Second New Wave’ of Taiwanese directors.

Another Yang Family Saga. A bit of a muddle, but it seems Ronny Yu is continuing on plans to make his version of the 14 Amazons tale but with a male cast including, possibly, Louis Koo, Huang Xiaoming, Wu Chun, Raymond Lam and Ethan Ruan. Producer Raymond Wong hopes to also invite Lynn Xiong, Angelababy, Fan Bingbing and Betty Sun Li. Originally hired to work on the Jackie Chan produced version, Ronny Yu was canned after a disagreement with investors and Frankie Chan stepped in. Fan Bingbing has been mentioned as in contention for roles in both versions. (21cn)

Gong Mi

Gong Mi has finished shooting Bruce Lee, My Brother and will move on to working on Gordon Chan's Wall Painting. (Xinhua)

Faye Wong may be adding a Taiwan stop to her comeback tour January 21-23 at Taipei Arena according to the latest reports. (Xinhua)

SG: Cecilia Cheung's comeback plans on hold
Cecilia Chung's ailment might be a result of her speedy childbirths. The strain of being pregnant with sons Lucas and Quintus in a span of three short years might have put stress on the actress's back, claimed reports.

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