Saturday, September 18, 2010

9.18.2010 - News

APA: Truth in Beauty: an interview with Last Train Home director Lixin Fan

FBA: The Butcher, the Chef and the Swordsman (刀見笑)
Fox's second Chinese production is a rich stew of clever script and tasty cast.
[Also, see related videos below from TIFF screening.]

Zhang Ziyi Special Olympics Global Ambassador met with kids at a skating rink in Seoul to promote the 2013 Winter Olympics

Tianjin - Jane Zhang 2010 I Believe World Tour

Angelababy at Harbour City

Windows 7 and Adidas, an odd partnership

Jennifer Tse

TVB general manager Stephen Chan Chi-wan was trapped in a media scrum after being charged with corruption and conspiracy to defraud the broadcaster - six months after his arrest...The three senior officials to testify against Chan are TVB deputy chairwoman Mona Fong Yat-wah, wife of Sir Run Run Shaw; the controller of TVB's production resources division Virginia Lok Yee-ling; and TVB's finance and administration general manager Mark Lee Po-on.
HKStandard: Vets get shock at the Big Station
Choi said she did not know Yeoh was married, as he was not wearing any ring when they first met a few months ago at a friend's gathering. [Be sure to read the captions for the full article.]

Yeoh family photo with Jean Todt

Intro and Q&A for Wuershan's THE BUTCHER, THE CHEF & THE SWORDSMAN (Thanks, Brian)


Walter said...

I am so glad Jane Zhang has her hair back to it's natural coloring. I saw her music video for the song for "Mulan" and went, "WTH?".

dleedlee said...

I like a more natural look, too, but it seems de rigueur in the business to adopt new looks periodically. Just as long as her voice doesn't change, I'll be happy.