Monday, September 27, 2010

9.27.2010 - News

THR: 'Legend of the Fist' and 'Ip Man 2' get North American release
The companies are also bringing the popular Asian action pic “Ip Man” to select theaters starting Oct. 1, with an exclusive run at New York City’s Cinema Village theater, to be followed by a combination of traditional one-week runs and special one-off screenings for fans.

WSJ: Hong Kong Legend Yuen Woo Ping’s ‘Fantastic’ Past, Future
After four decades choreographing and directing some of the best-known martial arts films in contemporary Hong Kong cinema, Yuen Woo Ping is making the first American film festival appearance of his career.

Variety: Red Nights, 2
The funky pleasure of femme-vs.-femme intrigue, assassins and dragon ladies is undone by an ersatz fusion of giallo and John Woo-ish Hong Kong gunplay in "Red Nights." Glossy, dumb item offers evidence that Gallic co-directors Julien Carbon and Laurent Courtland are fans of the genres in question, but their handling is utterly ham-fisted. Too many lethargic passages undermine the pic's deep-midnight S&M weirdness and star Carrie Ng's over-the-top camp appeal.
FBA: Under the Hawthorn Tree (山楂樹之戀) (8/10)
A striking change of pace for director Zhang Yimou, with a sensitive love story during the Cultural Revolution.

THR: China takes first stake in Hollywood firm
It's finally happened: a Chinese entertainment company has bought a piece of Hollywood.
FBA: Chinese conglomerate makes Hollywood foray

FBA: TVB the centre of acquisition talk
CRI: 'Assassins' Premieres ahead of Sept. 28 Release

Zhang Ziyi and Aaron Kwok in Life is a Miracle

Tony Leung Ka-Fai as Bruce Lee's father Lee Hoi-Chuen

My Ex-Wife's Wedding poster
The rom-com directed by Lee Kung-Lok features Chen Kun, Lu Yi and Yuan Quan, opens Oct.22
Francis Ng, Li Nian
Francis Ng

Simon Yam

A passionate love scene in Midnight Pulse between Francis Ng and Li Nian may be cut. In addition, an ambiguous scene with Simon Yam and Yang Yuyu who play brother and sister may also be cut. No exact release date has been announced yet for Midnight Pulse but a November timeframe is expected. (Xinhua), 2, 3

Chow Yun-Fat and Aaron Kwok have been reported to be signed on for Filmko's 3D version of The Monkey King. Chow will play the Jade Emperor and Aaron Kwok the evil Bull King Demon. Donnie Yen was previously announced in the role of the Monkey King.  (Xinhua)

CRI: Faye Wong Practices for Upcoming Concert
Previous reports suggest that besides Beijing and Shanghai, the concert will also be taken to various cities including Taipei in January of next year.

Simon Yam and Qi Qi donated a limited edition photo book for charity in Shanghai 

Getting an early look
Zhang Jingchu will be attending the Bally 2011 Spring Preview in Milan for Fashion Week in October.

Angelababy - Cosmo photo shoot
Kelly Chen at a recent fashion event in Shanghai
Chrissie Chau has no worries about her safety when she goes to Japan next month despite recent Sino-Japanese tensions. (Sina)

Liu Yifei's graduation photo

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