Sunday, September 19, 2010

9.19.2010 - News

Let the Bullets Fly posters released last week

And special moon cakes for the crew with the film title stamped on

Don Quixote poster featuring Wang Gang as Don Quixote's servant

Shu Qi, Huo Siyan 

Legend of the Fist opens in Hong Kong on Sept. 20 (Sina)

Wu Jing - Wind Blast stills

Under the Hawthorn Tree? No, it's Under the Strawberry Tree!

Elsewhere, Zhang Yimou's Under the Hawthorn Tree is already available online for downloading by pirates. (Xinhua)

Canadian writer Zhang Ling wrote the 2006 novel that Aftershock was based on.
Zimbio: Aftershock TIFF Premiere
Zhang Ling: Writing has never been so meaningful (CRI)
Toronto 2010: 'Aftershock' hits TIFF (LATimes)
Xinhua: Chinese movie "Aftershock" touches Toronto fans to heart

Intro to screening by Zhang Ling at TIFF, you may want to jump ahead 1:56 (Thanks, to Brian)

TIFF: Red Nights description
Red Nights also boasts the long-overdue return of Hong Kong starlet Carrie Ng, famous for her sexy and deadly presence in such films as Naked Killer and Sex and Zen. Here she revels in her role as the jade-clawed Dragon Lady, equal parts seductress and psycho-sexual killer... A bittersweet fortune cookie of murder and deceit, Red Nights inhabits a mysterious realm where Italian giallo and espionage thrillers coexist with the exoticism of the Far East. [Carrie Ng deserves better than this!]

Here's the Q&A (in two parts) from RED NIGHTS, with the directors and Carrie Ng. (Thanks, Brian)

[The videos are quite dark, so you'll have to imagine what Carrie Ng looks like but she sounds fine. :D]


duriandave said...

Carrie looks great! Hopefully, this new film will at least lead to some more challenging film work for her. She's certainly capable of a career comeback on the level of Kara Hui.

dleedlee said...

Brian also posted a few more pics of Carrie here.