Tuesday, September 14, 2010

9.14.2010 - News

Variety: Showtime
FBA: Driverless (無人駕駛) (7/10)
Ultra-chic, precision-shot drama of intertwined relationships is cleverly constructed but not emotionally engaging.

CRI: "Chen Zhen" Music Video Released
THR/AP: Andrew Lau looks for hit with 'Chen Zhen'

Wang Luodan plays Quiet Autumn in the TV version of Under the Hawthorn Tree

CRI: Lin Chi-Ling Featured in Commercial
Lin Chi-Ling is to appear in a commercial for Swiss luxury watch brand Longines with Oscar-winning British actress Kate Winslet and Bollywood beauty Aishwarya Rai. (Related post)

Zhang Yuqi, Stephen Chow (Xinhua)

TIFF: Break Up Club intro and Q&A by Barbara Wong and Lawrence Cheng - both, thanks to Brian who captured the videos

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