Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Watch Out For the Bear - Posters

The comedy suspense film Watch Out For The Bear features Super Girl Shang Wenjie in her film debut, Li Chen (Aftershock, Assembly) and Li Naiwen (Assembly, Teeth of Love) and opens October 1.  Most likely made for internal mainland consumption only, but where else are you going to being reading about it? :D

Shang Wenjie (Laure Shang)

(Sina), 2


ewaffle said...

"Watch Out For the Bear" is a good title even if the movie itself may not be but I also like the googlespeak translation which is "Bear Spotted Attention".

It makes a lot of sense once you throw out whatever can't be machine translated like subject/verb order, verb tense and anything like a preposition. So it could be: "A Bear has been spotted nearby, pay attention to your surroundings".

dleedlee said...

And it looks like a tiger in the last poster!? :D