Friday, September 3, 2010

Fan Bingbing and Li Bingbing - Battle in Blue and White Porcelain Dresses

Actress Fan Bingbing recently showed off another Chinese-styled gown that combined the elements of blue and white porcelain.

Fan Bingbing will be seen in this dress in an upcoming video promoting China.

Recently, the media has been drumming up a 'festival showdown' by Li Bingbing in her own blue and white porcelain dress when she walks the red carpet in Venice.

Li Bingbing (shown in mock up) will reportedly be wearing a similar Guo Pei (郭培) creation in Venice.

Online fans went and made the inevitable spoofs.

That's Fan Bingbing in her Dragon Robe on the right

Aug.27 - Li Bingbing at the Shanghai Airport which she likened to a 'vegetable market'.

Li Bingbing, whose 10 year contract with Huayi Brothers is expiring soon, is being showered with attention by the studio in hopes of retaining her. (A number of big name stars has recently left HB or are rumoured to be leaving soon.) Guo Pei, who designed Fan Bingbing's Cannes Dragon Robe, has designed 3 gowns especially for Li Bingbing to showcase her in Venice. Watch this space. (ifeng), (Sina)

Designer Guo Pei is only 24 years old. More of her designs can be seen here.



Anonymous said...

Love those dress spoofs, especially the one with Fan Bingbing's dragon robe. :D

Anonymous said...

Guo Pei's dresses are pretty crazy!

dleedlee said...

Yeah, I can't wait to see what Li Bingbing will be wearing.