Monday, September 20, 2010

9.20.2010 - News

What's behind the Zhang Yuqi-Stephen Chow-Cecilia Cheung-Derek Yee negotiations, money.

Singer Chen Chusheng, who became famous through the popular "Super Boy" competition, sang the song.

White Deer Plain has begun shooting in Inner Mongolia where the mud is plentiful and electricity is in short supply. (Sina)

Chinese online video company Ku6 Media (formerly Hurray Holdings) has struck deals with two Hollywood studios to licence film content. A former pirate site, Ku6 is understood to be the first Chinese video portal to acquire Hollywood films legitimately.

Gordon Lam, Kara Hui

Kara Hui and Gordon Lam helped open the Film Professionals Training Program.
The programme provides tailor-made training to cater for students of different capabilities to enable them to join the field soon after graduation.

Fan Bingbing appearing in Shanghai for a luxury brand

Fan Bingbing and mother at Shanghai airport

Chrissie Chau dressed conservatively for the opening of a restaurant. She will be travelling to Australia this month to spin discs as a DJ. (Xinhua)

Live, from New York City, it's Cecilia Cheung!

Zhou Xun appearance in Ningbo, no talk about leaving Huayi Brothers


Glenn, kenixfan said...

Why is Ceci in NYC? I wonder where else in the US she's going?

dleedlee said...

Your answer is a few posts down, here ;D