Sunday, September 19, 2010

1st New York Chinese Film Festival Kicks Off

Xinhua: 1st New York Chinese Film Festival kicks off
If you thought you saw Cecilia Cheung in New York City last night, you might very well have.

Cecilia Cheung

Zhang Hanyu

Daniel Wu

Jiang Wenli

Alec Su

Jane Zhang



Anonymous said...

Talk about flying under the radar. It looks like this got extremely scant coverage outside the Chinese press.

Have you been able to find a list of the other films that played besides Deep in the Clouds?

dleedlee said...

No, I couldn't find a thing. At first, I thought it was related to the New York Film Festival but that hasn't started yet. I wonder if it's a one off deal?

Walter said...

I hope they promoted it within the local NYC Chinese community. I am really envious when see events like this happening in NYC or LA or Toronto! (needless to say, I live in the southeastern US and there aren't many Asian events here).

dleedlee said...

I looked all over the Lincoln Center and Alice Tulley Theater site and couldn't find any mention of it.

I thought the picture of the cop asking getting an autograph from Ceci really strange! I wondered, was it for him? A fan in line?

Diana said...

I am deeply disappointed that I heard nothing about this until after the fact. I would have gone and I know others who would have gone ...

dleedlee said...

My gut feeling is that this festival was basically a phantom/closed event made for home consumption and publicity purposes. I didn't see any photos of movie audiences and just the one of Jane Zhang's fans outside.

Surely, fans would have turned out for these celebrities had anyone knew about it. Color me suspicious. :D

bluemoon said...

It was a real festival, although the
publicity for this event WAS bad, and generally targeted to Chinese language news sources. Too bad since the festival was trying to promote Chinese film to American audiences; it was the organizer's (CAAC) first event so hopefully next year will be better organized. There was quite a crowd of fans at the opening ceremony at Alice Tulley Hall (Lincoln Center). A full day of free screenings (with Q&A sessions with the stars) was held at the Museum of Art and Design (MAD) on Sunday, with a closing gala on Monday evening. Films shown included: A Singing Fairy, LAN, Lost in Time, One Nite in Mongkok, and The Message.

dleedlee said...

Bluemoon, thanks for the update.

If only I'd check Facebook!