Monday, October 26, 2009

10.26.2009 - Movie News

Leon Lai - Bodyguards and Assassins

Leon plays the son of a rich man who becomes depressed and a beggar after both he and his father falls in love with Michelle Reis. With glasses on, he looked like John Lennon and brought much laughter to the set. (

Eric Tsang - Jay Chou's Treasure Hunter

Eric Tsang, Lin Chi-Ling

Wang Xuebing

Wang Xuebing puts on makeup to become King Bull in Jeff Lau's Light-Transcending Pandora’s Box (

Cfensi has a nice post on Heaven Eternal, Earth Everlasting, which screened recently at TIFF.

Stefanie Sun

Stefanie Sun was in Beijing to film the MV theme song for Mulan (

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