Friday, October 30, 2009

Cherie Glorious Chung

Cherie Chung

Cherie Chung appearing at a skin care endorsement

Asked if she ever considered cosmetic surgery by reporters, Cherie said there is no such thing as 'old'. Cherie would like to travel to South America, Chile and Peru but no one will be her travel partner. Reportes then asked if she wants to find a new love via travel. She replied that she is slow to connect emotionally and travels not to seek the opposite sex. Reporters asked, her husband has passsed away two years now, is Cherie ready for a second spring? Love is important, Cherie goes on to say, but friends and family is also love. As to her husband's Bali project, it was her husband's dream but it is too painful for to return so she leaves it to the company to manage. She has not found a script to tempt her to make a comeback yet.


Anonymous said...

Girlfriend looks pretty damn good--no reason for her to stage a comeback, she's already legendary

dleedlee said...

Maybe, she's waiting to see how Vivian Chow's comeback turns out.

Sadly, as in Hollywood, there are few good roles for a woman of certain years in Hong Kong.

Or have Tsui Hark bring back the Peking Opera Blues team and make a lighter, musical version of The Message!