Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Actress Michelle Reis to undergo artificial insemination

Angelica Lee Sinje denies being pregnant and having a quickie wedding

Charlene Choi shot a series of PSAs for cervical cancer awareness. (Sina.com)

Gao Yuanyuan - new pictorial from South Korea after Season of Good Rain Pusan screening

Asian superstar Karen Mok meets Island Caretaker on Great Barrier Reef

George Lam

George Lam, Oceane Zhu Xuan, Yon Fan
Geore Lam who sings the theme song to Prince of Tears celebrated his birthday with Yonfan and Zhu Xuan. When asked how old he was, George said that he was one year younger than Alan Tam. (Sina.com)

Li Bingbing

Li Bingbing was in Beijing to receive her certificate for being the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Charity Ambassador. (Sina.com)

Tien Niu and daughter
Hong Kong actress Tien Niu has been working in China lately. She recently finished a TV series based around the world of high fashion. Tien Niu also appeared in Empire of Silver. Unlucky in her private life, her second marriage in 1992 to Alex Man ended in divorce after four years. Run Run Shaw presided over the wedding and Stephen Chow acted as the best man. Tien Niu's daughter is now graduation from college. (Sina.com)

Wong Kar-Wai went to visit Zhao Benshan at the hospital where he is scheduled to be discharged after a two week stay. (Sina.com)

Denise Ho, Sammi Cheng

Sammi Cheng helps to close Denise Ho's concert (Xinhuanet.com)

New Sammi Cheng song with 24Herbs (includes Conroy Chan) - Crime and Punishment

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