Thursday, October 22, 2009

House of 72 Tenants Cast Attend Launch Ceremony At Shaw Studio

Producer, director Eric Tsang,
Anita Yuen and Jacky Cheung play husband and wife

Jacky Cheung (

Bernice Liu

Joyce Cheng reprises her mother's role

Charmaine Sheh

Linda Chung

Michael Tse Tin Wah

Bosco Wong

Joyce Tang

Lawrence Ng, Raymond Cho Wing-Lam

Eric Tsang


Glenn, kenixfan said...

I was about to say something snide about remaking a classic like House of 72 Tenants until I saw that the stars were going to be Anita Yuen and Jacky Cheung.

Still skeptical but very interested with both of them attached!

dleedlee said...

Like the previous Shaw version, this one looks to highlight the members of its studio roster. So, TVB fans should be in for a treat. For the rest of us, the cast may seem unfamiliar.

Did you know that the 1973 version itself was a remake of the 1963 film which was originally a (Shanghai?) stage play? :)