Monday, October 19, 2009

Tokyo - Chinese Film Week

Zhao Wei, Chen Kun

Mulan cast: Jingle Ma, Zhao Wei, Chen Kun, Jaycee Chan

Fan Bingbing

Wheat cast - He Ping, Fan Bingbing, Huang Jue, Wang Jiajia


ewaffle said...

Zhao Wei is very talented and, to my eye, incredibly beautiful. She is an artist who can express as much with a glance--a fleeting glance at that--than others who have to spend entire scenes chewing the scenery for us to know they are "acting". She does comedy, action, melodrama well and was the key to one of my favorite guilty pleasures, "So Close". And now she is directing, plus taking the time to get a graduate degree at a film school in the PRC.

So, why doesn't someone take her aside before every big appearance or red carpet event, show her a few outfits that would look good on her and make sure she wears one of them?

While her outfit in Tokyo wasn't as bad as some of the disasters from recent years, compared to (for example) Fan Bingbing's dress and accessories it looks like something to wear to parent's night at an exclusive private school.

All of which is just me bitching, of course. She can light up the screen in ways that few others do so a few red carpet faux pas aren't so bad.

dleedlee said...

Zhao Wei does often appear kind of dowdy, huh? Well, that's okay, makes her seem more natural and less self-absorbed.

ewaffle said...

When actresses do "official" type functions such as publicizing a movie in which they are cast, appearing at festivals where the movies are are shown or hitting the red carpet at award shows I am shallow enough--as shallow as a stream during a drought--to want to see them as perfectly turned out as possible. I don't want them to seem accessible, ordinary or commonplace but to help continue the fantasy that they project as 20 foot tall images on the big screen.

I don't know anyone in the movie business but have been friends with, over a number of years, with many opera singers and ballet dancers--they are often lovely people as "civilians" and good people to know but at the same time are incredibly self-absorbed, which they almost have to be since it is their very self (if you will) that they put out there to the often cruel judgment of the paying public.

I can't imaging it would be much different among performers in the movie business, although I am often wrong in such suppositions.

I should probably stop filling up your comment sections with my drivel and take it to my own blog. If you do publish this comment, feel free to edit it if it doesn't make sense--or for any other reason.

dleedlee said...

Hey, I want them to look good too but I've got to think celebrity wardrobe budgets are smaller, and, 'my dress is by...' proffers are fewer. Besides, being in Nanchang (where?), it might have been viewed as a less worthy audience, though it was probably televised.

Come to think of it, most of my posts on Zhao Wei here seem to focus on her work in film and music and rarely, if ever, feature her in fashion spreads.

I certainly didn't care for Li Bingbing's dress in today's post from Taipei! ...but then there's Zhang Jingchu. :) <3 <3