Saturday, October 31, 2009

Store Openings Galore and Men With Tots

Lin Chi-Ling

Beijing - Lin Chi-Ling opens a new store at a ribbon cutting ceremony (Sina)

Zhou Xun on the hot seat for fire sparked by fireworks

Zhou Xun offered to compensate for damages caused by the fireworks (Sina)

Nic Tse, at an arts and film forum, admitted that wife Cecilia Cheung is two months pregnant but did not indicate that there were twins. (Sina) (2)

Stephen Fung

Stephen Fung visited an orphanage in Beijing and brought school supplies and basic necessities (Xinhua)

Gaile Lok

Lynn Xiong

Carina Lau

Dong Jie (Road Home er, Happy Times, remember her?)

Guo Jingjing, Olympic diver

Beijing handbag shop opening draws stars. Carina Lau denied that she had quit smoking for the sake of getting pregnant but rather for her health (Sina)

Jackie Chan and Liu Yifei open a watch store at a ribbon cutting ceremony in Beijing



Glenn, kenixfan said...

I think you mean Happy Times not Road Home, eh? Those pre-Hero Zhang Yimou realistic films blur together in my mind too.

I looked her up again -- she was in Dragon Tiger Gate?

She was in Sound of Colors too.

What happened? Did Zhou Xun get all the parts that she would have tried out for too?

dleedlee said...

Yeah, thanks!
Dong Jie has been doing some TV and recently had a baby. Can't remember who she married, another actor I think.