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7.21.2010 - News

Curse of the Deserted poster
The film stars Shawn Yu and Zhang Yuqi directed by Law Chi-Leung (Inner Senses, Double Tap). The horror film opens Aug. 13 and is based on a series of three novels, The Deserted Inn, The Deserted Apartment, and The Deserted Return. (Sina)

In a press conference held in Chengdu, it was revealed that Let the Bullets Fly would be released in two versions, Mandarin and Sichuanese. While Jiang Wen and Ge You's native dialects are not too different, they would dub there own voices in Sichuanese. However, it is not possible for Chow Yun-Fat. Possibly Xuan Xiaoming would dub him but also a possibility, it was teased, was China Film Group's boss Han Sanping himself may dub Fat Gor's voice. (Xinhua)
CRI: Chinese Film "Kill Paul Octopus" Set for August Release

Feng Xiaogang blew up at a female reporter when questioned about the accuracy of a plot point in Aftershock. The point at issue, I think, was whether the character really remained a widow after the earthquake in memory of her husband or not.
Elsewhere, during a TV interview, Feng said that he was contemplating retiring from film after completing his contractual obligations with Huayi Brothers which is for five more films. Feng cited three reasons for retiring: 1) Lack of rest. He will be 60 when he finishes the 5 films. He admires Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige but he misses time to play, drink with friends. 2) He is disappointed in the entertainment industry. When he directed an army art troupe it was like an art and literary circle with dedicated artists. Now, it is different. A lot of it is packaging young actors, etc. It's exhausting. 3) Lack of privacy.  He expressed his hatred of being hounded by paparazzi. They are always following and filming. He wants to kick them again and again. But since he cannot, it is more tiring. (Xinhua), 2, (Sina)

Jackie Chan - Berlin
Jackie Chan was in Berlin promoting The Karate Kid. He reportedly looked tired as news of 'endorsement-gate' has reached him, no doubt. (Xinhua)

Yu Man-Fung, Stephen Chow
Stephen Chow and long-time girlfriend Yu Man-Fung have broken up. Their low-key relationship since 1998 has finally dissolved according to news reports. Yu was the financial wizard behind Chow's real estate investments and earned him hundreds of millions of dollars over the years. Yu and Chow will maintain their business relationship but marriage was not to be as Chow's mother apparently did not accept her. Yu Man-Fung has since began dating a wealthy banker's son. 

Richard Li has reportedly give Isabella Leong cash, stock and properties in Toronto and San Francisco worth a value of 300M yuan so far. Yet, insiders say that Isabella currently is not as anxious for a marriage certificate as people think. One spokesman said, she is still 'Miss Leong'. Friends say that Isabella is still in the US and has received many offers to return to film but with children to raise she is not interested in a comeback yet. .(Xinhua), 2

Carina Lau's 2 year quest to get pregnant has been abandoned. In a wedding anniversary dinner, Carina is said to have told Tony Leung's mother that she has tried to give her a grandchild, but do not expect it. Tony's mother supports the decision. (Xinhua)

Aishwarya Rai, Lin Chi-Ling, Kate Winslet - Rome

(July 20) Lin Chi-Ling was in Rome to shoot an advert for Longines brand watch. (Xinhua), (CRI)

{Belated, but in English. SG Yahoo translates Chinese reports and are often many days after the fact. I post them for the sake of having the more accurate and detailed English version, not their timeliness.]
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