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4.13.2011 - News

To Whom It May Concern : Ka Shen’s Journey (Nancy Kwan documentary)

THR: Punished review
Punished reflects the trend that “kidnapping” is fast replacing “moles” as the premier theme for Hong Kong crime thrillers
WSJ: '3-D Sex and Zen' Opens
The highly anticipated “3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy” had its world premiere in Hong Kong on Tuesday night, giving moviegoers their first peek at what the movie’s producer describes as the world’s first 3-D erotic film.

Combining live action with CGI animation, the film is presented as an adult fairytale. It revolves around love stories between an entomologist and three other girls on a fictional island.
Director [Jacob] Cheung hopes the film can be inspiring and can help people better understand love and responsibility.
The star-studded cast includes Chen Kun, Kwai Lun-Mei, Jiang Yiyan and Gigi Leung.
Chen Kun

Chang Chen masquerades as a nun to assassinate democratic revolutionary Tao Chengzhang, played by Guo Tao.
CF: "It's Love" Releases New Stills ("The Sorcerer and the White Snake")

Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu, a comedy starring Wang Baoqiang and Michelle Ye opens May 20.
The supporting cast includes Stephen Chow regulars Ng Man-Tat, Wong Yat-Fei, Gabriel Wong Yat-San and Kingdom Yuen King-Tan.
Red version of poster

Blue version of poster

Zhang Yimou's script for Nanjing Heroes has been drastically changed according to reports. It is rumoured that Christian Bale no longer plays a priest. In addition, Tong Dawei who suffers lower back injury has returned from sick leave in Beijing where he was recovering. Shawn Dou Xiao denied that his role as a Japanese soldier has only one line. He is currently working in the gym for training. Whether he had scenes with Bale or not he could not reveal it.

Christian Bale

Launch ceremony for Eat Drink Man Woman 2 in Hangzhou
Gua Ah-Lei (Rose Kuei), Huo Siyan, Kenneth Tsang, Jiang Mengjie (Sina-gallery)

Michele Reis's first post-natal commercial for a skin care brand

Angelica Lee Sinje shares her thoughts in her newly released book.
It is rumoured that the Hong Kong actress is hoping for a marriage proposal
The commercial for OTC painkiller Fenbid featuring action star Donnie Yen in a true-to-life scenario was released Friday at a press conference in Beijing.

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