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4.25.2011 - News

FBA: The Warring States review (8/10)
Seamless technique and some fine performances help turn a rich mix into an entertaining whole.
Variety: The Warring States review
A well-armored, blood-spewing and often furious addition to the Chinese feudal epic genre.
ScreenDaily: The Warring States review, 2
A grand historical epic that evinces some impressive costume design and much natural scenic beauty, but never locates a particularly persuasive or enrapturing tone

Despite criticisms from some Chinese netizens, the mainland box office has been growing steadily since its release. (Sina)

FBA: Guillotines suspended in mid-air
Hong Kong and Chinese production group We Pictures has halted its period martial arts action film The Guillotines, (formerly known as The Flying Guillotines), which was to have begun shooting this month.
FBA: Feng to return to disaster genre
Speaking on a live webcast, Feng [Xiaogang] said that he will shoot an adaptation of Remembering 1942, a 1993 novel by Liu Zhenyun. It details the human crisis and famine that evolved as a result of the drought and the government's distraction with the war against Japan's occupying armies.

Audiences in this country were more divided on "Bullets." At least a few people on Sunday were spotted walking out of the theater, but several of those who stayed welcomed the director to the stage with a standing ovation. Judging by the questioners, many of the most enthused were native Mandarin speakers.

Jiang Wen said that he would shoot Let the Bullets Fly 3 tentatively set in 30's era Shanghai where his character, Zhang Muzhi, and his brothers traveled after the original story.  The plan was for him to direct films 1, 3, and 5 and others would directed films 2, 4 and 6. He has talked to Hollywood writers including Jeffrey Krueger to collaborate on Fly 3. Robert DeNiro who offered to produced the sequel promised that Fly 2 would also premiere in New York. Jiang Wen said the sequel would contain elements of New York. (Sina)

Jiang Wen and wife, Zhou Yun
Tribeca Film Festival (Apr.24)

Happy ticketholder

Andrew Lau's A Beautiful Life with Shu Qi, Liu Ye and Tian Liang will be released in Beijing one week earlier, on May 13, ahead of the original May 20 date. This is to avoid competition with Kung Fu Panda 2 which also opens on May 20. (Sina)
Former diving champion Tian Liang's performance has received praise from critics as well as from Andrew Lau.

FBA: Beijing festival opening is signal of intent
The lavish scale and precision of the opening ceremony may have outpaced the festival organisers' abilities on other fronts.
And bafflingly, the much-touted forum of international festival bosses is now to be held behind closed doors with the press invited to follow proceedings via a webcast.THR: Jackie Chan, Zhang Ziyi Kick Off Inaugural Beijing Film Festival
Director John Woo is also on hand Saturday to help launch the six-day event.
CF: 1st Beijing International Film Festival Kicks off
FBA: Festival heads offer lessons for Beijing
Whether the newly-minted Beijing festival is yet ready for that remains a matter of conjecture. City leaders and culture sector administrators appear keen to first establish the festival as an event that is as mainstream and weighty as possible.
“Things are pleasant and easy here. While SAG actors are asking for private dressing rooms, Chinese actors like to hang out with each other,” said Yang, who’s been coming to China to work on films since the early 1980s. “In some ways it’s easier to shoot here. People here tend to be friends with one another. There’s not as much back-biting here and sense that everyone’s trying to make things better for each other. We know what the hot button issues are, such as a movie about Tibet, then we avoid them, but then the space you can work within is actually very large.”

Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi attended the press conference for the Gu Changwei-produced documentary Together
Li Chen, Zhang Jingchu

Li Chen and the cast of Aftershock on the red carpet at the BIFF (Sina)

CF: Director John Woo Takes the Interview during BJIFF
CF: Top Directors Gather for "Director's Dialogue"
Feng Xiaogang: "Audiences don't want lousy movies. They don't want a crappy story that has nothing but a bunch of stars in it. They want something that can truly touch them. Han Sanping and I talked about this, and I realized I needed to change my focus. From then on, I shot films like 'A World Without Thieves', 'Assembly', 'Aftershock' and so on. Even 'If You are the One'. It may strike you as a romantic comedy, but it also discusses serious topics like the meaning of life and death."
CF: Peter Chan and Tang Wei Talk about "Wu Xia"

CF: "Crisis of Great Tang Dynasty" Kicks Off in Beijing, (Sina)
Kwak is one the most famous contemporary Asian directors. His work "My Sassy Girl" in 2001 caused a sensation in the region. He told media at the kick-off of his newest film that he was very confident about satisfying audiences in the three countries that are co-producing the film.

The Devil Inside Me opens in June.
Kelly Lin, Tony Leung Ka-Fai

Classic Hong Kong ghost film remade 24 years later with new cast, computer effects

Oxide Pang on the cover of New Youth magazine

The Wedding Diary: "Sorry, Elanne!"
Aniu coyly apologised to his co-star Elanne Kwong, for being picked by producers to play her leading man in upcoming rom-com "The Wedding Diary".
Christian Bachini and Shangdown
Bachini shot his first full-length feature, Shangdown, which is scheduled for release in September, in time to compete at the next Venice Film Festival. As he describes it, the film pays homage to the old "spaghetti Western": a mixture of western, action movie and Italian-style drama.

SG: More 3D sex to come
There will be 3D sex scenes in what is being touted as Southeast Asia's first 3D movie - "The Hunter" - according to the film's director Bjarne Wong/Other cast include Carmen Soo, Sharifah Amani, Cindy Chen, Smythe Wong, Koe Yeet and Lou Qi.

Chinese parents worry about children's time-traveling fantasies

Coma girl wakes, asks to watch favorite soap opera


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