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4.8.2011 - News

FBA: Marriage with a Liar review (7/10)
Tightly constructed rom-com makes a virtue of its modest budget and lack of starpower.
The film is in three distinct acts, is grounded in the idea of a third person entering a relationship, is set during three days prior to a wedding, and frequently flashes back "three hours earlier". On a less auteurist note, it's probably the first movie to feature a special thanks to a well-known luxury condom in its end titles.

CRI: Liu Yifei Inhales New Role
Liu Yifei has been cast to play concubine Yuji in the historical film "White Vengeance"...thanks to her nose!
"I like her nose very much," director Daniel Lee gave his praise to Liu on Thursday, "It shows the tenacious side of a purely beautiful actress." (CF)

Two romance films focusing on topical social issues, "Stand By Me" and "Mr. and Mrs. Single," hit the screens this week.

Li Chen and Dong Xuan in Stand By Me (lit. Struggle)

CF: 60 Stars Gather for "Eagle Shooting Heroes"
CF: "Together" Screens on Beijing Student Film Festival
The HIV/AIDS-themed documentary, "Together" was screened on The 18th Beijing Student Film Festival (BSFF) on April 6 in Beijing. Producer Jiang Wenli and director Zhao Liang attended the ceremony,

A1: Aaron and Ziyi's new movie may not come here (SG)
This is because they consider the Chinese movie's theme too serious for audiences here.
According to these distributors, Singaporeans are not as keen on serious dramas as they are on comedies and action-packed fare.

Poster for Mr. and Mrs. Single (Eason Chan, Rene Liu)

Once Upon a Time in Tibet opens today

Song Jia plays a Tibetan woman

Director Dai Wei

Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang - Love Finally
Love Finally is described as a male version of Sex and the City and opens in May. It costars Jerry Yuan Chengjie. (Sina)

Mickey He Sheng-Ming

Mickey He costars with Tony Leung Ka-Fai and Peter Ho Yun-Tung in Biandi Langyan (lit. Alarms Everywhere) which wraps in May for a Lunar New Year release. (Sina)

TMZ: 911 Call for Bai Ling at 'Celebrity Rehab' (Mar.8)
Bai Ling will be on the upcoming season of Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab

I went to sleep at 3am Saturday woke up Sunday 10pm, 10pm? When I opend my eyes thought it was 10am but wondered why so dark then checked my phone again and again, yes almost there is a little ghost jumped out of my phone saying:
" 10pm 10pm< its time to wake up for breakfast 10pm 10pm....." Yes I checked again my phone yes it is 10pm, I could not believe my eyes, then saw so many messages realized I really did sleep for that long, missed all kinds of meetings dinner party and phone calls, but felt first of all did not know how or where I was, but then kind of liked the quite night, it actully made me happy, then got up eat something for 2 hours then went to sleep again, wow!!! It really took a lot out of me the show, guess I am not yet used to this kind of show, that's why I went to the roof:) I was kind of tortured but in the way I would say (you tell me when you watch the show), but why was I feeling so slow, seemed everything is in slow motion, even the flame of fire in front of me is waving its body in a slow motion erotic way...... Beautiful...... Just sharing my feelings with you
,.. (Bai Ling's blog)

Barbie Hsu's wedding, Shu Qi's and Eddie Peng's vist to the  F*cking Place, Jay Chou

Busty soft porn actress Vonnie Lui Hoi Yan is being singled out for seducing her married "Sex And Zen: Extreme Ecstasy co-star, Japanese actor Hayama Hiro as they went bikini shopping together.

Pan, who is currently embroiled in a 'bedroom photo' scandal with popular Hong Kong actor Raymond Lam, claimed that she was cheated into taking these revealing photos, some of which even exposed her private regions, when she was still a teenager.
"I was very timid at the time, I was in my teens, I got scared and cried but they threatened me and asked me to pay damages. I came to Beijing against my family's wishes. I had no money so I took the photos," said Pan sombrely.

MSN: Raymond Lam advises Pan Shuang Shuang not to burn bridges

The Hong Kong singer-actor’s girlfriend was said to be pregnant
The Hong Kong actress is rumoured to be dating Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng

Chinese netizens revealed how much celebs are being insured for

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