Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4.5.2011 - News

While China’s large consumer pool opens up a great opportunity for commercial filmmaking, he voiced concern about Cantonese filmmakers “sacrificing Hong Kong flavor” in order to cater to mainland tastes.

CRI: Fans Commemorate 8th Anniversary of Leslie Cheung's Death

Faye Dunaway is featured on the poster for 64th Cannes Film Festival (Sina)

Romance in Thin Air?
Filming in Yunnan at 3000m, Angelababy says even oxygen is a luxury
Photo by Chapman To

Anthony Wong and son attend the premiere of Punished. 
In the film, his son has a cameo playing Anthony's son. (Apr.4)

Anthony Wong
Richie Ren, Janice Man
Candy Lo, Maggie Cheung Ho-Yee and Miriam Yeung also attended.
Anthony Wong, Maggie Cheung, Janice Man
The day before, Anthony Wong posted a picture with himself and Edison Chen under the caption, "Father and son reunion."
Preparing for a press conference?

Jiang Wu featured in a new set of stills from Warring States, opening April 15.

Sun Honglei shoots a milk bath scene in The Warring States


Sex And Zen: Extreme Ecstasy" lead actress Leni Lan Yan has gone missing and the police have been called in to find her, reported QQ.com. The 25-year-old temptress has been missing two weeks and has reportedly been on medication for depression.
Bladesman in business
Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen and long-time filmmaking collaborators Alan Mak and Felix Chong kicked-off the promotion campaign of the martial arts biopic "The Lost Bladesman" at Mo Tai Temple by worshipping the Kwan Tai deity.

The Hong Kong actress talks about her traffic accident
MSN: Has Vic Chou’s depression returned?


Walter said...

"Romance in Thin Air? Filming in Yunnan at 3000m, Angelababy says even oxygen is a luxury"

When you're in the side of Yunnan that's close to Tibet, the air IS definitely thin (less noticeable if you gradually go up there). Yunnan is a very interesting place - I did visit there in 2007. They do sell "oxygen in a can" in Shangrila. I'm glad they had parts of this season's "Amazing Race" in Yunnan. I love meeting and learning about the ethnic minorities there. :)

dleedlee said...

It's just my guess, I haven't seen Angelababy associated with Romance but it's the only film I've heard that's currently in production there. Or, it could be Peter Chan's Wu Xia? Can't picture that, though.

I imagine it takes time to get accustomed to the altitude. 3000m is pretty high up. Earlier, Miriam and the others went up a few weeks ahead of shooting to get acclimatized.

Yunnan geography is more diverse than I knew. I remember snapping some pics of two Miao dancers performing in a small shop in Shanghai while on a tour back in 2002.