Friday, April 15, 2011

4.15.2011 - News

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THR: Lu Chuan's 'City of Life and Death' Gets 11-City U.S. Tour in May
The award-winning film will get its first large-scale screenings in the U.S., beginning with New York.

Director Zhang Yimou' epic war film, "Nanjing Heroes" released several photo stills featuring the lead actor, Christian Bale. According to Zhang Weiping, producer of the film, Bale impersonates a businessman in the film.

Mostly shot in Aboriginal villages and using locals who speak tribal languages as actors, Chen Wen-pin’s feature debut explores lives torn between tradition and modern society.

Rumours also circulated that racy video clips featuring Lam and another woman were among the "things" Pan found on Lam's cell phone, after two sexy video clips of a woman being directed by a voice that sounded like Lam's surfaced recently.
Hong Kong actress Rose Chan, who starred in the martial arts film "The Legend is Born - Ip Man", expressed that she was not upset by the rumours about her and Lam.
The Taiwanese model will marry businessman Qiu Shi Kai
Michelle has had to tap into an inner strength recently to play Burmese democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi in her latest biopic film The Lady. 
"I finished with filming and we hope that it'll be out in October. In fact, it's almost not a movie anymore. It's about an iconic woman heroine of our times, a truly legendary figure and her cause for the people of Burma."


Anonymous said...

re: Chinese admissions plummet. Interesting that the article doesn't mention the impact of piracy. The same day that The Warring States was released theatrically in China it appeared all over the internet's torr*nt streams. It's now available in HD ripped from DVD. Same for Let The Bullets Fly, although the piracy didn't seem to hurt the box office all that much. But I'm sure it impacts other less-successful movies.

dleedlee said...

Oddly, I haven't seen (m)any articles on piracy lately. LTBF managed to beat out Aftershock at the b.o., so maybe the impact of piracy isn't as great as it once was? I dunno, but usually directors usually make a plea for netizens to avoid piracy prior to their major releases and I haven't noticed any. Caveat: just an anecdotal observation...

I see Baidu is leaving the dark side behind and is now going to offer legit music downloads, though. Bastards. ;D