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4.19.2011 - News

THR: '3D Sex and Zen' Beats Out 'Avatar' for One-Day Hong Kong Record
Producers had set aside “lady’s house” women-only screenings of the film on two screens, which proved popular as well and were sold out.
WSJ: ’3-D Sex and Zen’ Tops Weekend Box Office
The soft-porn movie “3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy” pulled in 13.1 million Hong Kong dollars (US$1.7 million) on its opening weekend in Hong Kong, topping the box-office chart for the four-day period ending Sunday, according to the local Motion Picture Industry Association.
"3D Sex" sells!

Auds get an eyeful of flesh, served with sadistic, spasmodic laughs, in "3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy," an attempt to revive the 1990s Hong Kong softcore-comedy franchise.

A rollicking homage to Hong Kong kung fu movies in the 1970s, Andy Lau's Gallants was the dark horse of the night, scooping Best Film, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Film Score.

[Carina] Lau, wife to Hong Kong actor Tony Leung, has had six such nominations over the past 22 years. Though her performance in Detective Dee is generally regarded as not as convincing as her past roles, she beat fellow contenders Miriam Yeung, Fiona Sit, Tang Wei, and Josie Ho, daughter of Macau casino magnate Stanley Ho.

"Counting acting alone, I would choose Yeung or Sit," critics Wei revealed to the Global Times, "but Lau has too many failed experiences and the judges felt they owed her the award. She won due to her long professional career and tradition-respecting in the Hong Kong film circle."

Ed's Favorite Hong Kong actresses gives his take on the actresses and their dresses seen on the red carpet at the HKFA awards on Sunday night.
MSN: Carina Lau crowned Best Actress after 25 years

Best Actor, 1994 for The Untold Story
After receiving the award, Anthony Wong was distressed over receiving nothing but offers for trashy roles, so he threw the trophy into the trash but his mother later retrieved it. (Xinhua)

THR: 'Love Letter' Director to Head New Talent Jury at Shanghai Int'l FIlm Fest
Shunji Iwai is best known in China for his 1995 teen romance film. (CF)
FBA: Beijing Screenings highlights trends

CF: Latest Photos of "The Founding of a Party"
The production company of "The Founding of a Party" released new photos featured Chen Kun as Zhou Enlai, Chang Chen as Chiang Kai-shek, Yu Shaoqun as Mei Lanfang and Ma Shaohua as Sun Yat-sen.

CF: Poster Out for Thriller "Case Sensitive"
The film is a Sino-American co-production, with American director Gil Kofman taking the helm.
It revolves around Luo Xiaoni, played by Ady Ang, a web celebrity who pretends to be kidnapped to gain more exposure.
Gu Changwei enrolled three famous directors for surprise guest roles in his new film Till Death Do Us Part/Life is a Miracle which opens in May.
Feng Xiaogang
Lu Chuan
Gu Changwei, Jiang Wen
Pu Cunxin, Feng Xiaogang

Jiang Wu

War of Words: Jiang Wu in dispute with Warring States director Jin Chen, had his scene deleted. Jin Chen charged that of a 30 day contract, Jiang Wu only showed up for 7 days at a time. Jiang Wu responded that he completed his required shots and will leave for the audience to judge. Jin Chen said some of the dross can be deleted and that if he deleted the essence of the film and left the dross in, it would foolish [oh, snap]. Jiang Wu, for his part, said that the shoot was chaotic and the script changed 5 times. Jin Chen said that Jiang Wu's schedule broken into 5 visits to the set disrupted the other actors and because Jiang was absent some of his scenes could not be shot. (Sina), 2, 3

Gong Xinliang plays the Demon Green Snake in A Chinese Fairy Tale

CRI: Karen Mok Stars in Micro Movie
Filming is currently on the way on the famed US Route 66, which is known as the shooting location of many road films.
Its prequel, 90-second-long micro movie, "Explosive," featuring Daniel Wu, was released at the end of last year.

MSN: Is Barbie Hsu pregnant?
The Taiwanese actress left a message on her microblog, saying that “something good” has happened

Change of plans for Late Autumn actor

The airline has ordered its 23 new cabin crew to master wing chun -- a form of kung fu practiced by martial arts legends Bruce Lee and Ip Man -- which is characterized by sharp movements and close-range combat.

Origins of Jin Ping Mei discovered? [Jing Ping Mei is the inspirational source of many a Cat. III HK films]
The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks (2008)

And have you heard of this model called Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang?
Chinese model hits celebrity status after photos leak

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