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7.15.2011 - News

CNNGo: Hong Kong looks great in Steven Soderbergh's 'Contagion
Mainland China is the setting for cute kung-fu fighting animals, while we get to be ground zero for a worldwide killer virus
[In which Little Tony becomes conflated with Big Tony in the accompanying photos]
More on original story from CNNGo, CF
StraitTimes:  Hong Kong film-maker Peter Chan will play a supervisory role, though 'the exact extent of his involvement is still being discussed'

Poster for The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake
The film tells the story of the real life Qiu Jin, a feminist and revolutionary, starring Huang Yi in the lead role. Anthony Wong costars in the Herman Yau directed film. The cast includes Rose Chan, Dennis To, Lam Suet and Pat Ha Man-Jik.
Huang Yi

Rose Chan

Huang Yi presented with drawing of Qiu Jin from manga artist Tony Wong Yuk-Long

Anthony Wong with autographed t-shirt

Huang Yi demonstrates martial arts with Dennis To (Du Yuhang)

Real Qiu Jin and Huang Yi

Cast at Qiu Jin's Tomb at West Lake, Hangzhou

The novice filmmaker [Giddens Ko] has reportedly worked hard on the film, so when it ran into trouble with the Government Information Office over a masturbation scene, Jiubadao made a “pledge to God” that if the movie received a PG rating instead of an R, he would “take a dump on producer Argie Chai’s desk,” ...

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