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7.5.2011 - News

THR: Hong Kong Box Office Down Slightly in First Half of 2011
Local films holding their own, led by softcore '3D Sex & Zen.'

The production company of treasure-hunting comedy "Coming Back" released the theme song of the flick named "Migratory Birds" sung by Laure Shang Wenjie,
Shang Wenji
Simon Yam
Shang Wenji, Jack Kao, Director Li Yuan,
Simon Yam, Annie Yi Nengjing, Xia Dejun
Beijing  premiere press conference (Sina-gallery)

Lu Liping, 51, is a Christian. Since last Wednesday she has updated several micro blogs in which she called homosexuality a crime loathed by God.

Generally, Chinese people hate advertising placed in shows or films, which is at its peak in the Spring Festival evening TV show or in Chinese film super-productions. The comedian Zhou Libo quipped: “I strongly protest against the Spring Festival’s spots in the advertising slots!"

'Box-office theft' has been a hot topic in China this year. The latest example is moviegoers buying tickets for Peter Chan's Wu Xia but receiving ticket for Founding of a Party/Beginning of the Great Revival. The result, of course, is inflating the box-office results for Party.  A Lunar New Year Sacrifice-Just Call Me Nobody tickets switcheroo is another example. Not a new phenomenon, Feng Xiaogang's World Without Thieves is said to have benefited at the expense of Stephen Chow' Kung Fu Hustle, for instance.

A netizen posted on Weibo this ticket stub sold for a screening for Wu Xia but actually printed for Party. Wu Xia had just opened in Guangdong less than 12 hours when this ticket was sold. The showtime for Wu Xia can be seen handwritten on the ticket as well as the title. The post  received wide attention and was removed within hours. Netizens reported similar incidents in Chongqing. Reporters questioned theater managers who said that these switches were operational errors caused by movie goers changing their minds after purchasing tickets.  (Xinhua), (Sina), (21cn)
Reposting this related article: Fraud at the Chinese films

Alex Fong Chung-Sun and Li Xiaoran star in film about a one-night stand in Jiang Cheng's To Love or Not. Kathy Chow Hoi-Mei also stars.
Opens July 14

The couple kept a low profile on their latest trip. It was revealed only after a netizen from Guangzhou spotted the couple having breakfast with Carina's best friend Faye Wong and posted the photos on her microblog.

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