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7.18.2011 - News

Waiting for Harry, Chinese Filmgoers Get Patriotic Epic
A rumor in China says that foreign blockbuster movies will not be allowed to be shown until box office receipts for the state-backed CCP history Beginning of the Great Revival top $120 million. [Eat your peas!]
“It featured way too much romance with Mao Zedong.” (NYTimes)

Murky melodrama unfolds in a women's prison in the intriguing Chinese thriller "The Floating Shadow."

Jiang Wen is not the only one who is testing the charm of microfilm. Celebrities like director Zhang Yimou, actor Jiang Wu, Zhou Xun and Karen Mok have all joined in the new trend.
Wong Jing (Sina)
Stills from Treasure Hunt
Ronald Cheng, Cecilia Cheung

Cecilia Cheung, Lin Miaoke

Shao Bing, Cecilia Cheung, Ronald Cheung

Wong Jing

Wong Kar-Wai was spotted outside of a Beijing theater and media members got wind of it and rushed over. It was learned to be a secret test screening of a one minute trailer for The Grandmasters. Audience members were overheard chatting among themselves afterwards about it and reporters learned that they had signed confidentiality agreements.
Wong Kar-Wai
Entering the Mega Box cinema in Sanlitun

The production company behind the fantasy film "Magic to Win", produced by Raymond Wong, held a press conference yesterday in Hong Kong.

More stills from media visit to set of Wong Jing's Marry a Perfect Man (Xinhua-gallery)

Eric and daugther, Bowie, promote a mooncake brand

Karen Mok has offered her fans reassurance that it is never too late to find love.

According to the Hong Kong media, Nicholas had missed Lucas' birthday for the past two years, with Cecilia bringing the two boys over to Tokyo's Disneyland to celebrate Lucas' birthday last year.
Edison Chen - Shanghai

Vincent Zhao fathers a second son
Ray Lui to sue magazine
Ray Lui is suing a Hong Kong tabloid magazine, Next, for publishing a false report about his marriages, claiming in its latest issue that Ray had three ex-wives where one of them had not been known of before

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