Wednesday, July 6, 2011

7.6.2011 - News

ScreenDaily:  Well Go USA takes all rights to Let The Bullets Fly
The Asian cinema specialist picked up North American rights to four films from Hong Kong’s Emperor Motion Pictures.
Chinese hit Let The Bullets Fly stars Chow Youn-fat and Jiang Wen.
The other titles are Shaolin starring Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Fan Bingbing and Jackie Chan; The Stool Pigeon starring Tse and Nick Cheung; and Triple Tap starring Louis Koo, Daniel Wu, Charlene Choi and Li Bingbing.
THR: Well Go USA Picks Up Chow Yun-Fat Starrer 'Let the Bullets Fly'
FBA: Bullets finds US target

FBA: Stretch
Clumsy, Macau-set jockey drama makes a poor English-language debut for Mainland icon Fan Bingbing.
CRI: Fantasy Film 'Mural' Sets Release Date
Chinese fantasy film "Mural" is set to hit silver screens on September 29.

Jordan Chan's official reason for absence from the premiere is that he is on his European honeymoon with Cherrie Ying, but others think it is to avoid questions about his former girlfriend, Cecilia Cheung, and her marital woes. But he, indeed, seems to be in Europe. (Sina)

AP: Chinese epic faces box-office inflation charges

Lovers Zhou Dongyu, Aarif Lee
Zhou Dongyu and Aarif Lee will play lovers in Barbara Wong Chun-Chun's new film (lit. Fallen Tears). Teaming up again with Lawrence Cheng writing, the cast is unofficial but said to include Richie Ren, Gigi Leung and Joe Chen Qiao En. Filming begins soon in Shanghai. [This must mean her Mulan film is on hold?] (Sina), 2, (Sohu)

Qi Wei, June press conference

Cheng Pei-Pei, Qi Wei

Actress Qi Wei has had all her scenes deleted from the Simon Yam thriller, Coming Back. According to rumours, the actress refused the 'unspoken rule' of moviemaking, turning away the attentions of a valuable investor. Allegedly, on the eve of an important investor's signing a contract, Qi Wei turned down 'further contacts' from the brand sponsor who expressed admiration and goodwill for the actress. The producers intervened but after numerous attempts could not get the actress to meet the sponsors conditions and travel requirements to Macau, eventually losing the sponsor. The angered producers said that the actress did not understand the rules and, thus, blocked her.

Subsequently, the actress' image was no longer featured in posters and later, all her scenes deleted from the film. In addition, Qi Wei did not appear in the film's promotional events. Though not expressly named, Qi Wei is the likely victim. Director Li Yuan, when questioned, only gave a vague response. Qi Wei's agent said that the scenes were deleted for other reasons. (Sina)

Qi Wei 

Attention must be paid, to any film that's titled Super Cockroach (lit. Live Like Xiao Qiang).
It's a black comedy
It's an inspirational film with a revolutionary spirit

It has 3 Noes: No big stars, no special effects, no budget
Opening July 29

Jiang Yiyan, a Chinese Sassy Girl

Low budget, dark horse comedy, The Pretending Lovers, has drawn over 30 million yuan at the box office in 10 days since its opening. In the face of new releases Wu Xia and The Beginning of the Great Revival, the film is still trending upwards. (Sina), 2

  Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, NYC screening, July 13. 

A poster from film's Samsung partner
If you are using a Samsung phone to same-sex close friends, who would you call?

Brigitte Lin

With Leslie Cheung in Ashes of Time
When she learned he suffered from depression, Brigitte had planned to introduce Leslie to a doctor. But because of the SARS epidemic at the time it was postponed to her inifinite regret.

At 17 when she made her film debut
Brigitte Lin's book (Window Inside, Window Outside) goes on sale July 22. (Xinhua), (Sina)

Kwai Lun-mei was seen on July 5, 2011 in Paris, France, attending the Chanel Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2011/2012 show.

Chrissie Chau - She's an app!

The Annual Hong Kong Book Fair Photo Album Wars will not include Chrissie Chau this year. Instead Chrissie will pick fan boys' pockets via a mobile app. The Chrissie Chau app will be available in mid-July according to her agent, Iris. The app will come in 3 versions. In the free version, users play a simple math exercise [you touch numbers on screen to sum to 10] to unlock a new pic of Chrissie each time. A second .99 version features more pics and a more expensive version does not require playing the game. Multiple editions with updated photos are planned according to Iris. For Apple users only, search for "10NaNaMania". (Sina), 2


Walter said...

I doubt "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" will make it down here in North Carolina. In fact, I'm surprised that any East Asian movie makes it here (lots of people tell me they don't go watch the Asian movies, because they don't want to read the subtitles). :(

Nice update on Brigitte Lin. I still haven't seen "Ashes of Time" yet.

ewaffle said...

Lovely picture of Brigitte Lin when she was 17. I wonder how many people who knew her as a teenager claim that they saw her star power even back then.

dleedlee said...

lots of people tell me they don't go watch the Asian movies, because they don't want to read the subtitles)
All too true for all of the US! OTOH, I watch TV with closed captioning on! :D

I have Ashes of Time on VHS, VCD, LD, and DVD (Redux). Also on CD (OST) Plus, I've seen it theatrically a few times, too! :D

Need to watch the Redux version, yet, though.

Brigitte does look sweet, huh?