Friday, July 22, 2011

Brigitte Lin Photos

Some of the 100 personal photographs from Brigitte Lin's new book Inside the Window, Outside the Window, debuting at the Hong Kong Book Fair. Brigitte will be appearing at the book fair on Saturday.


Venice Film Festival, Ashes of Time

Zu: The Warriors From the Magic Mountain (1983)

Crowds waiting to see Run Lover Run in Taiwan (1975)

As a youngster

With father

1973 debut in Outside the Window

Director Li Han-Hsiang (Dream of the Red Chamber)(1977)

Some more photos of Brigitte Lin [from other sources?]

Outside the Window (1973)

(Sina), 2, 3, 4


YTSL said...

Lovely! And you just convinced me to get a copy of the book even though I can't read Chinese! ;b

ewaffle said...

Wow--great selection. She is simply lovely and has such a distinct look that makes her stand out among the hundreds of gorgeous and talented Hong Kong based stars from the past few decades.

dleedlee said...

Caveat, I wasn't very clear but the photos in the second half of the post aren't from her current book, I don't think.

I'm guessing those in b/w might be from the mainland biography that came out in 2005. There was a series of bio-photo books that came out including ones for Anita Mui, Faye Wong, Teresa Teng and Zhou Xuan. I thought I might have picked up Brigitte's but maybe not. :( I'll have to root around some.

You can see some cool pics here and read it all if you're willing to wade through the Google translation. :D

eka muliawati said...

Exactly,, please , make this book english or indonesi version
I can't to mean a mandarin language
Hehehhee.. And I admit to read this book.