Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shawn Yue Has Mishap Playing Basketball

Shawn Yue is passionate about playing basketball and spends his free time playing and practicing. He frequently post pics on his Weibo of himself balling. On July 5, playing for the Wang Chau Industrial team along with teammate Pakho Chau, Shawn suffered a scary injury. He accidentally stepped on a teammate's foot and fell to the floor, hitting his head on the court. Knocked out momentarily, he went to the hospital as a precaution and had X-rays taken to check his spinal cord. After he was discharged, Shawn was still feeling dizzy and went home to recuperate.

Shawn Yue

Shawn Yue
Pakho Chau

Has been examined did not cause illness. Rest assured -

Today, the neck began to hurt ..... had to rest.

(Sina)(qq), (Xinhua)

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