Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Leon Lai in Milan

Always a cut above, Canto-pop king Leon Lai shows what a luxury bamboo suit can do

The secret is out: Milan is where Canto-pop king Leon Lai Ming shops for his concert costumes. Preparing for his December shows, Lai visited Ermenegildo Zegna's headquarters in Italy recently to meet Anna Zegna and her design team to talk about new outfits.

Don't expect to see him in any outlandish Lady Gaga-ish costumes or Elvis flares - this star has an eye for subtle luxury.

"The meeting was very inspirational. Even though the schedule was really tight, it was a very worthwhile trip," Lai said. "My style and Zegna's are very much in sync."

While in Milan, Lai had a front-row seat at the brand's spring-summer 2012 show. He also got to try on two styles from the brand's chinoiserie-inspired 2011 autumn-winter collection, including a bamboo suit and a woollen cardigan with linen featuring Chinese ink painting.

Beijing-born Lai will return the favour by playing tourist guide when Zegna visits the Chinese capital in September for a soiree to celebrate her company's 20th anniversary on the mainland. (SCMP)


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