Friday, July 8, 2011

7.8.2011 - News

WSJ: Tsui Hark’s Golden Life in Film
WSJ: Taiwan’s ‘Night Market Hero’ Makes Mainland Debut

CRI: 'Kung Fu Prince' Ashton to Star in Disaster Movie
Ashton Chen, better known by his Chinese name Shi Xiaolong, will star in the Sino-Australian 3-D disaster movie, "Bait".

Chen Kaige's outdoor stage show "Xiyi" has finally premiered after almost a year's delay.

Maria Grazia Cucinotta is the co-producer of and lead actress in a romantic comedy named "C' e sempre un perche" (There is always a reason why), whose shooting will start in September in Italy's Sicily island.
"Our comedy will tell the story of a young Shanghainese cook [Huang Bo] who comes to Italy to study the culinary arts. In Sicily, he meets a heartbroken woman who does not believe in love anymore," Cucinotta said. (Previously)

Summer Love is coming, August.

Directed by Wilson Chin Kwok-Wai, currently on trial in the TVB corruption scandal

Stills from biopic Qian Xuesen starring Chen Kun and Kitty Zhang Yuqi

Fan Bingbing is a doll, literally. Netizens discovered this prototype online recently.

Li Meixi (Xinhua)
Edison got irate when asked about Fung-Chi at Taipei appearance for Disney at toy fair. Reporters noted that he was wearing a bracelet similar to one that Cecilia wears.
Media scrum for Nicholas Tse in HK 

The actress was spotted shopping with the businessman whom she had been secretly dating for the last three years (Xinhua)Jiang Wen, actor and director of China's highest grossing film, "Let the Bullets Fly", was involved in a vicious confrontation with media reporters upon arrival at a Hong Kong court

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