Thursday, July 21, 2011

7.21.2011 - News

Chinese audiences watching Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon will recognise more than just the alien robot stars from the previous movies. In the latest blockbuster sequel, which opens on Thursday, household Chinese brand names loom large as part of an unprecedented product placement push.

Lam Ka-Sing and son

Veteran of film and Cantonese opera, Lam Ka-Sing received the Silver Bauhinia for his contribution to Cantonese opera. Now suffering from Parkinson's disease and using a wheelchair, he was in good spirits. Lam Ka-Sing's son traveled from Canada to celebrate the government honor with his father. (Sina)

Peter Chan Ho-Sun’s star-studded martial arts flick updates the genre with the trappings of a forensics thriller

The action star shares how he juggled his dual-character role in Wu Xia
After the letter was exposed, some netizens claimed that it was "too fake". Others speculated that Nicholas hired someone to write it on his behalf as "he is not that poetic".
Raymond Lam’s ex-lover clarifies all accusations hurled at her
MSN: Stephen Chow dines with new love

Meet Donut at the Hong Kong Book Fair (Sina)
Chrissie Chau, skipping it

Theresa Fu Wing (Sina)

Dada Chan (2r) (Sina)

Ellen Joyce Loo, of at17 (Sina)

Hong Kongers, and increasingly tourists from mainland China, queue for the book fair to get their hands on limited edition products such as figurines of characters from books and comics or photo albums by lang mos. The discounts on memorabilia and reading gadgets also attract the crowds like flies.

Former screen siren Brigitte Lin will fulfill her dreams as a writer with her debut work "Chuangli Chuangwai" (Inside the Window, Outside the Window). Her writing probably won't be able to outshine her acting, but it is supposed to be quite good.

Lin, once considered a great beauty in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China, has promised that her book is a tell-all memoir, including her past love for another woman and her rejected application to join the communist party.
Brigitte Lin
With parents (Sina)

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