Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1.04.2011 - News

Checking China Lion Entertainment's website (they are in cooperation with AMC theatres to distribute their films here in North America), here's what we might be looking forward to seeing in 2011: Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, Butcher, the Chef, and the Swordsman, What Women Want, Wu Xia, 1911. China Lion

CRI: Buddha Mountain' to Hit Cinemas in March
Starring Sylvia Chang and Fan Bingbing, the film was nominated for several awards at the 23rd Tokyo Film Festival and the 47th Golden Horse Awards.

Newest version of poster for Shaolin
Xiong Xin-Xin (Hung Yan-Yan)
Wu Jing

Fan Bingbing

CRI: Vivian Chow Promotes Upcoming Concert, (Sina-slide show)

Cecilia Cheung on the cover of February Harper's Bazaar

Zhang Jingchu

Zhang appeared at a recent Zhejiang TV award event

MSN: Lin Chi-ling rumoured to wed this year
A fortune teller predicted that the model would not be able to get married after this year
MSN: Faye Wong’s online message evokes pregnancy suspicions
MSN: No second season for Jay Chou’s ‘Mr. J Channel’


Anonymous said...

Re: China Lion Entertainment

That would be pretty amazing if all of those films do end up showing in the US. Maybe even a watershed moment for Chinese film. I'm curious how they'll be received by critics and audiences here.

dleedlee said...

I think they have a 15 film deal, so I'm hoping.

In the DC area, the attendance hasn't been good from what I can tell. I missed Aftershock, the first film distributed here. I think the 2nd week it was only given one 10 a.m. showtime; and then when If You 2 came out, it was relegated to one MD theatre vs the original 2 MD and one VA theatre.

I went to see a 1pm midweek matinee of If You 2 with my mom during the Xmas break and there was only 2 other people in the theatre. I didn't see any local reviews for either film, or ads (except in the Chinese papers).

They should release The Message. Now that would get some general attention I'll bet.

Granted, Aftershock and If You 2 aren't the best films to deliver to casual audiences.

Anonymous said...

I better keep an eye on my local listings or I'm likely to miss any one of these.

How was If You Are the One 2? I just checked the AMC website and it's totally absent from "sophisticated" San Francisco and Berkeley but is playing down in the Silicon Valley suburbs.

dleedlee said...

How was If You Are the One 2?
One review I saw called it 'vacation porn'. :D

I enjoyed it but it wasn't as lively as I had hoped. More meditative than comedic and I thought the pacing needed some punching up. Seeing Shu Qi on the big screen was a real treat. Ge You's rascal was a bit too tamped down. I would have liked to have seen more of the relationship between Yao Chen and Sun Honglei.

I haven't seen the first film yet.

Anonymous said...

It turns out it is screening in SF. The lukewarm reviews aren't making me rush out the door to see it, but it is playing just five minutes waking distance from my office...

dleedlee said...

Yeah, go in with moderate expectations.

If you didn't see it, I posted the Variety review here in my 12/31 post.