Friday, January 21, 2011

1.21.2011 - News

WSJ: Tang Wei Is a Serious Player
THR: 'Bullets,' 'Confessions' Lead Asian Film Awards Nominations
CRI: 'Buddha Mountain' to Be in Theaters on March 4

TaipeiTimes: 2010: Year in review: Taiwanese movies
FBA: Piano strikes chord in US
The Piano In A Factory, the much-travelled Chinese drama, will get a release in the US in summer this year.

(Jan. 20) Johnnie To held a secretive launch ceremony in a Kwun Tong warehouse for his latest film which stars Louis Koo, Sammi Cheng and Huang Yi. Huang Yi said that she has seen no script so there is a sense of  mystery. She is busy practicing her Cantonese in preparation.

Louis Koo unveils new wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong

More bronzer needed!

Jet Li's new (and terrible looking) wax figure in Shanghai

Shu Qi endorses a hair care brand in Beijing

Jordan Chan

Jordan Chan sported a skirt at the recent 2010 Sina awards event at the Beijing Water Cube.
Did he dip into Shawn Yue's wardrobe?

Michelle Ye Esquire photo shoot

Kelly Chen announced Friday during a publicity event for Hong Kong Disneyland that she is three months pregnant with twins conceived via artificial insemination
Twins for Kelly (Sina)

MSN: Andy Lau promotes ‘Shaolin’ in Singapore 
When asked which female celebrity he would like to work with, Andy named Taiwanese actress Sylvia Chang after much thought.
MSN: “I Have A Date With Spring” director hopes to visit Selina
Following his apologies on Wei Bo, the Chinese director expressed that he would like to meet with Selina Jen to express his deepest apologies


Anonymous said...

I could make a comment about how relatively lifelike wax Louis and his real-life counterpart are, but that's too easy.

I do think it's funny that wax Jet Li's are almost always taller than the real Jet Li.

Walter said...

I like that photo of Tang Wei in Yunnan - Yunnan is a very pretty province with clear skies in cities like Dali and Lijiang. Unfortunately, it's the poorest province in China. I enjoyed seeing the minorities there on my 2009 visit. :)

dleedlee said...

V - Honestly, I was struck by how good wax Louis look. Too often the results end up looking more like Jet Li's, -- nothing at all like the original.

Walter - I'm looking forward to seeing her in Peter Chan's Wu Xia. I haven't seen anything about the film lately, though. Maybe time to fire up the human flesh engine! :d