Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jacky Cheung Concert Photos

Jacky Cheung, who turns 50 years-old this year, kicked off his Half Century Concert tour in Shanghai with a series of shows Dec. 30 - Jan. 3.  This week, Jacky took to the stage in Guangzhou for five shows (Jan. 13 - 17). The concert includes inflatable dolls of Lydia Shum to commemorate his godmother, and a Andrew Lau-directed video, a condensed biography, with Shu Qi and Jacky together as a married couple that has been dubbed 'If You Are the One 3' -- the two even exchange slaps to the face. Jacky showed off his tap dancing which he secretly studied on a trip to the US last year by opening the show with a Broadway musical-style routine. The concert is broken up in sections, Broadway, rock, intimate, hot jazz, etc.



And a helicopter for more fun!
Jacky's 9 kg crystal-studded costume

Next stop on the 50 city tour, Beijing! (Jan. 21 - 23)

(Xinhua), 2, 3, (ycwb)
Tickets for Las Vegas, Caesars Palace, Feb. 6 - 8 are on sale now.

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