Friday, January 14, 2011

1.14.2011 - News

Omnibus project Quattro Hong Kong 2

CRI: 'Shaolin' Premieres in Beijing
Set in the warlord-dominated 1920s, "Shaolin" is about an arrogant Chinese warlord (Andy Lau) who gains a new understanding of life and becomes a merciful Buddhist monk.

Evening premiere photos
Jackie Chan, Andy Lau

Andy Lau, Fan Bingbing, Nicholas Tse

Nicholas Tse (Sina), 2 3, 4 (Sina-slide show)

Eric Tsang, Jam Hsiao
Jeffrey Huang plays a gang boss

(Taiwan) Eric Tsang showed up on the set of The Killer Who Never Kills in sunglasses, presumably acting cool. In fact, Eric has burst blood vessels in his eye while appearing in the ultra-cold for a promotion. (Sina)

Jeff Lau announced that he will begin filming  Eagle Shooting Heroes 2011 in March. The casting has not been announced yet. (Sina)

Charlene Choi dressed as a chocolate rabbit in a publicity photo for a Harbour City promotional event.

Ad to show 'friendly China' during Hu's visit to US
Yao Ming, former Olympic 100-metres-hurdles gold medallist Liu Xiang, famous actresses Zhang Ziyi and Zhou Xun, and Chinese astronauts are among other celebrities who took part in the film, People's Daily said.

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