Monday, January 24, 2011

2nd Golden Broom Awards Nominations

Youth Film Guide and independent film critics released the partial list of films being considered for the most disappointing films of 2010. Final winners will be announced in late February.

Titles include films from China's major filmmakers, Chen Kaige, Zhang Yimou, and Feng Xiaogang. Nominated films: Sacrifice, Under the Hawthorn Tree, If You Are the One 2, City Under Siege, Future X-Cops, The Double Life, Curse of the Deserted Inn. After the first day of online voting, Just Call Me Nobody and Hee Travels (a parody of Journey to the West) lead the voting for most disappointing film.

Last year's inaugural awards 
Most Disappointing Films: City of Life and Death (Nanjing, Nanjing), A Simple Noodle Story (A Woman, A Gun and A Noodle Shop), Treasure Hunter
Most Disappointing Director: Lu Chuan, Zhang Yimou
Most Disappointing Actor: Xiao Shenyang
Most Disappointing Actress: Lin Chi-Ling

The Ten Best Films of 2010
  1. Let the Bullets Fly
  2. Buddha Mountain
  3. Monga
  4. Echoes of the Rainbow
  5. Chongqing Blues
  6. When Love Comes
  7. The Fourth Painting
  8. Taipei Exchanges
  9. Love in a Puff
  10. Lost on Journey
Special documentary awards went to Jia Zhangke's I Wish I Knew and KJ: Music and Life from Hong Kong.
(Sohu-Jan 4)


Walter said...

"City of Life and Death (Nanjing, Nanjing)" was the most disappointing film? Sheesh, I liked that movie - it showed the terrible actions committed by the Japanese that were mentioned in books such as the "Rape of Nanking". I think most non-Chinese in the Western world know very little about what the Japanese did to the Chinese in Nanjing.

dleedlee said...

I think the disappointment was, from a mainland perspective, for having a sympathetic Japanese character.

Iris Chang's 1997 novel did a lot to bring attention to Nanking.