Monday, January 10, 2011

1.10.2011 - News

Glamorous exhibition and archival films to celebrate Hong Kong Film Archive 10th Anniversary
  • The HKFA now plans to embark on the restoration of the films "Colourful Youth" (1966), starring Connie Chan Po-chu, Josephine Siao Fong-fong and Woo Fung, and "The Arch" (1970), directed by Tong Shu-shuen. These restored archival treasures will then be introduced to local and overseas educational and cultural organisations.
  • In addition, a "star cards gift box" containing some of the finest photos of the featured film stars will be on sale at $88 at the HKFA.
  • Other thematic exhibitions and screenings to be held later this year include a retrospective of the Union Film Company, Movies on Railways, and the films of director and martial arts choreographer Lau Ka-leung.
  • A HKFA 10th Anniversary souvenir booklet is also being published.

THR: 'Let The Bullets Fly' Now China's All-Time No. 3 Film

Shaolin poster, film opens Jan. 19

Michelle Yeoh is secretly filming The Lady in Paris to avoid affecting the safety of Aung San Suu Kyi who could be rearrested by the Burmese government at any time. A fall UK release is planned. (Sina)

Rosamund Kwan joins Andy Lau onstage. 

Fellow Five Tigers Felix Wong, Michael Miu and Ken Tong also joined Andy to sing As Time Goes By. (The other, 5th Tiger, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai was not there.)
Carina Lau (Sina)
(1) Liza Wang, (4) Idy Chan (Kwongwah)

Godmother Deanie Ip, according to one report, got embarrassingly drunk at the concert celebration party. 

Andy's guests for the night included Idy Chan, who acted with him in The Return of the Condor Hero as Little Dragon Maiden. Both of them shared a duet, 'The Courageous Chinese'.

Desperately seeking publicity?
Carina Lau marks her 45th birthday with a sultry calendar shoot, but critics say it's a desperate attempt to boost her sagging popularity.


Anonymous said...

Re: Amy Chua's book

Very interesting! Nonetheless, I must say I'm glad she's not my mom (or my wife). Then again, I'm not an exceptionally successful or high-functioning person. ;p

dleedlee said...

It looks like a pretty interesting read. I don't think I could have survived a mother like that. 8-)

Walter said...

I don't think Carina Lau looks bad, but I don't like those photos for the calendar (especially the white hair - eww...).

My mother wasn't quite as extreme, although my parents did not see me having a future in art, so I wasn't allowed to develop my art skills. I was told, "you'll be sitting in a park, selling your paintings for $5.00 each!". My parents did stress good grades though - if I got five A's and one B, they would skip over the A's and say, "What's wrong with you? Why did you get a B in that class?!?!?!". I spoke with a Korean friend of mine and they said they did the same thing to their son!

ewaffle said...

I have read Amy Chau's other books: "World on Fire" has an audacious thesis of how what she call "market dominant minorities" are typical in many developing areas but are inherently destabilizing during times of rapid change. She refutes the idea developing nations can pursue both economic development and political liberalization at the same time (often at the demands of the IMF/World Bank combination).

"Day of Empire" wasn't as successful--Chau doesn't seem to have the same emotional commitment to her thesis nor quite as solid a grasp of the sources.

"Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" sounds like a gas. I loved the excerpt--it reads as if she enjoyed writing it and is fully aware of the outrage that it will cause. Chau was outstanding when defending "World on Fire" from credentialed neo-liberal hacks like Niall Ferguson and there should be plenty of indignation over this one.

Anonymous said...
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