Saturday, January 22, 2011

1.22.2010 - News

Cecilia's bruised right cheek

Cecilia Cheung was struck in the face recently while filming a fight scene for Lady Generals of the Yang Family in Inner Mongolia. A stuntman accidently struck her while brandishing a knife. Director Frankie Chan wanted to send her to the hospital but Cecilia continued filming for fear that the bruise would continue to color and she did not want to affect the tight shooting schedule. Returning to Beijing for an brand endorsement event Cecilia joked she would find a purple gown to match special makeup for the bruise.(Xinhua)

Gillian Chung celebrated her 30th birthday with crew and fans who visited in her Wuxi where she is filming a TV series. This year also marks the 10th anniversary of Twins.
Gillian wished for world peace and less natural disasters
Fans with Gillian

Jacky Cheung's concert in Beijing

CRI: Faye Wong Kicks off Concert in Taipei


Walter said...

Poor Cecilia - hope the movie turns out good. (Of course, Jackie Chan has gotten bruised, bumped, etc... in practically all of his movies).

dleedlee said...

Fortunately, for Jackie, he doesn't rely on his good looks to make a living. :D

Walter said...

Hahaha. That's very true.