Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1.11.2011 - News

CRI: 'Single Men and Women' Releases Posters (Don't Go Breaking My Heart)
Director Johnnie To explained his view of a love story, "In most times, a woman can't get married not because she has no choice but because she has too many choices." And in this case there is competition between two excellent guys. It is said that the only way to win a girl's heart is to treat her with sincerity.

Andy Lau sings in English for the first time in a long time.

"Lady Generals" is inspired by the ancient saga of a large family in which widows followed their husbands' steps into the battlefield. Mu Guiying was the most famous one among the lady generals of the Yang family.

Ni Dahong and Ge Siran shoot a scene for 'Blocked' (lit.Traffic Jam)

Corey Yuen is directing the action sequences. Related: [10.8.2010], [1.1.2010]

AP: Chinese director coy on political satire's message  (Let the Bullets Fly)

Mirian Yeung, Best Actress (Perfect Wedding)

Teddy Robin, Best Actor (Gallants)

Chow Yun-Fat has dropped out of Lu Chuan's King's Feast. Instead, Daniel Wu will join the cast that includes Liu Ye. (Sina)

Rare photo of Bai Ling hiding from photographer! :D
Bai Ling in Beijing (Sina)
You can see her New Year's photos with Pam Anderson, Jennifer Hudson and Faye Dunaway on her blog.

Angelababy has opened a beauty shop in Causeway Bay. She invested 1 million yuan into the business.
Actress-model Christine Yoen (Yeung Ding-Ting) and Angelababy at the opening ceremony.

(Jan.11) Charlene Choi attends the opening of a glass exhibition. 

MSN: Jaycee Chan meets younger half-sister secretly
It was rumoured that the Hong Kong singer-actor hoped to end the animosity


Walter said...

Impossible, Bai Ling hiding from a photographer?!?!? That's unheard of!!!! :P

dleedlee said...

Shocker, huh? Apparently she was home in Chengdu to visit her parents for New Year's. No word on what she was doing in Beijing.