Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Warring States Stills - Francis Ng, Jiang Wu

The Warring States will be released in April. Francis Ng plays the renowned dastardly General Pang Juan, Jiang Wu plays the resourceful military strategist Tian Ji. The cast also includes Sun Honglei, Guo Degang and Nakai Kiichi.

Francis Ng

Jiang Wu



Anonymous said...

IMHO both Francis & Sun Honglei don't look their best in long hair & period costumes. They were obviously born to play gangsters, cops & other modern-day roles! Why else would both of them look so cool with shaved heads?

That said, it will be fun to see them tear up the screen in Warring States--can't wait.

dleedlee said...

It's supposed to be Francis' first period costume film, so who knows? :D