Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Midnight MicroNews #7

A belated return visit to see what's happening in the world of Weibo.

Zhao Wei in Dubai, probably for something related to the Dubai International Film Festival
The Burj Al Arab in Dubai, fourth tallest hotel in the world

Shu Qi and the Hamburglar? (Jan.4)
Sans makeup but with bottle of Chateau Lafite

Jan. 10 - Huang Yi, somewhere near the Golden Triangle of Burma, Cambodia and Laos on a mysterious journey

Jan. 3 - Karen Mok took the high speed railway from Shanghai to Hangzhou for a premiere of The Road Less Traveled

New Year's Day at The Peninsula, Shanghai

Carina Lau (Jan.9)
Zhang Jingchu visited India during Christmas holidays

While Charlie Young visited the Pyramids of Egypt

Gigi Leung's concert comes to Hong Kong in February
Eason Chan mugs for Chapman To

Charlene Choi - Jan.8

Loletta Lee (Rachel Lee Lai-Chun) and Pinky Cheung on Loletta's birthday

Raymond Wong and Pinky Cheung promote All's Well Ends Well 2011
Poster for My Own Swordsman featuring Yao Chen

Anthony Wong (Dec.27)
Sammo Hung and Anthony Wong


Anonymous said...

Yay... I love these candid pics! Hope it's not so long again before the next edition of Midnight MicroNews.

dleedlee said...

Hope it's not so long again before the next edition of Midnight MicroNews.

If I did, there would be no time to post any other news! :D

Actually, you may notice that I already frequently crib from Weibo to supplement the movie-related posts.

It's one of my guilty pleasures, so yeah, it won't be hard to persuade me to cull from Weibo more regularly.