Monday, May 16, 2011

5.16.2011 - News

[This will be a relatively lite post; I've been wrestling with technical problems all morning. And I'm more that a bit jet-lagged from the weekend covering Cannes. ;d So check my Blogroll on the right for more news of interest.]

FBA: Tang leaves Party early

FBA: 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy review (6/10)
Okay but over-long costume hijinks that turn rather dark in the second half

The response has been very good so far and we're very close to announcing our partners for Germany, North America and French-speaking territories very soon," said EMP CEO Albert Lee.
FBA: Wu Xia puts style over substance

CRI: Two Bingbings Luminous Presence in Cannes
CRI: Fan Bingbing and Jang Dong-gun Promote "My Way" at Cannes
CF: Stars of "Wu Xia" in Cannes
CF:Heroes of Nanking" Fixes Overseas Sales Company

Fan Bingbing doing an interview in leopard print dress

Keep your eyes peeled for the June Marie Claire, featuring Li Bingbing on the cover. Photography by Chen Man. I know I will.

Currently busy promoting her latest movie Love for Life, Zhang Ziyi admitted that she was the one who initiated the split from her former boyfriend, Vivi Nevo, citing cultural differences as the main reason for their split.
According to sources, Lynn Xiong's mother flew in from Nanjing to meet her future son-in-law in Hong Kong. Lynn's mother reportedly asked for a huge amount of money from the 45-year-old singer as a betrothal gift.
The skinflint Aaron is no doubt being reminded of the huge dowries paid by other Hong Kong celebrities.
A Hong Kong TVB drama serial has been raising eyebrows for some controversial scenes that portray rape, sadism and homo-eroticism.


Anonymous said...

And I'm more that a bit jet-lagged from the weekend covering Cannes.

Thanks for the wild Cannes weekend! I'm a little exhausted too just from following your coverage. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Looks like Let The Bullets Fly will get a theatrical release in N. America--can't wait!

Walter said...

that's sad about Tang Wei's scenes being deleted. If people can get over Shi Qi's and Vivian Hsu's early movie roles, I hope they can get over Tang Wei's. I still think she did an excellent job in "Lust, Caution". (maybe those critics just need to watch the movie?).

dleedlee said...

Dave: My eyeballs are worn out!

Valerie: I'm looking forward to it, hopefully it's soon.

Walter: Maybe still too soon and too sensitive for the leaders