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5.4.2011 - News

Variety: The Lost Bladesman review
CF: New Take on Legend

Director lauds Christian Bale for China film work (AP)
"Nanjing Heroes," a $90 million production, is scheduled to finish shooting in June and will be released in China on Dec. 16. CF: Christian Bale Finishes Shooting "Nanjing Heroes"

Nanjing Heroes

Dou Xiao

Huang Haibo

Tong Dawei (Sina)

AP: Dancer-turned-actor Kwok is focus in 2 May movies
The dancer-turned-singer-turned-actor stars in two of the month's major releases — Gu Changwei's romance "Love for Life," and Oxide Pang's crime thriller "The Detective 2" — and has earned rave reviews from both directors.

Just a few days before, actress Fan Bingbing revealed that she would join Korean director Kang Je-gyu and actor Jang Dong-gun to promote her new movie "My Way" at Cannes.

Green Snake (1993) will be released alongside It's Love later this year; The Soong Sisters (1997) will be showing with new film 1911; New Dragon Inn (1992) with the original Dragon Inn, and King of Western Chu (1994) with The Last Supper.

First poster for My Kingdom
My Kingdom will screen at Cannes

Four years in the making, MY KINGDOM is a sweeping story of love, honor and revenge set against the backdrop of Chinese opera during its heyday in 1920s Shanghai. Written by Zou Jingzhi, one of China’s most popular writers, the story centers around two sworn brothers and their quest to regain their master’s honor. Their relentless quest leads them to fame and love, but also to their own downfall.

Bringing this epic tale to life is director Gao Xiaosong, one of a new wave of young Chinese directors defining the next evolution of Chinese cinema. Although Chinese opera performers have been the subject of iconic films before, Gao wants audiences to see a different side of this art form, one filled with strength, honor and deadly duels. Playing the lead roles are three of today’s hottest young idols in Asia: Wu Chun, Han Geng and Barbie Hsu. Each actor trained for over three months to hone their martial arts skills in order to perform the duels in the film. (FBA) [Sammo Hung provides the action choreography] (Sina)

Till Death Do Us Part premieres in Beijing May 5, with a full release May 10.

Zhang Ziyi, Aaron Kwok

The Founding of a Party - following the tradition of The Founding of a Republic, Huang Jianxin selected Lu Chuan to help co-direct a key scene in the new film. The production also released an NG trailer to thanks all the big name guest stars in the film.
Wang Bo-Chieh plays a patriotic student

Wang Lee-Hom

Liu Ye as Mao Zedong

Jackie Chan and Tan Jing ;D opened the torch relay at Tsinghua University in Beijing for the 26th Shenzhen Universiade 

Tan Jing and Jackie performing at the recent 100th anniversary celebration of Tsinghua University (Apr.24)

Tan Jing singing the theme song at The Lost Bladesman premiere (Apr.18)

Hong Kong soap actor Law Lok Sam who is making headlines for dying so often on TV shows.

He exchanges intimate micro blog posts with Shu Qi, was spotted chatting her up on a few occasions and described the 35-year-old Taiwan actress as "very charismatic" and "a good girl" when he met the Taiwan media on Sunday.
Shawn will be singing the theme song in Shu Qi's A Beautiful Life directed by Andrew Lau who also accompanied Shawn on guitar.  (Sina)

Angelababy gets apology
Hong Kong-based publication Three Weekly has issued a statement apologising for its untruthful reports about Angelababy's facelifts, in the latest development to frequent media speculation about the Chinese beauty.

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