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5.18.2011 - News

Latest poster for The Great Magician from Cannes (Sina)

Gianna Jun, Li Bingbing at China Night (Xinhua)

CRI: 'China Night' Celebrated in Cannes

CF: Richie Ren Attends the "Taiwan Cinema Party"

Zhang Zilin

CF: Miss World to Join "The Monkey King"
The production company of the film, "The Monkey King," announced yesterday that Miss World Zhang Zilin will land the role of a goddess in the film [implicitly replacing the Cecilia Cheung who was originally announced in the role] (Sina)

CF: Box Office Star of 2010 Ge You Itching for a Rest

Fan Bingbing was surprised at reports that she was attached to The Lion Roars 2. She had not spoken to relevant personnel and discounted the news as false. (Sina)

CRI: Director Zhang Yuan Sells New Film in Cannes
The movie revolves around the stories of the 1980s generation, delving into the social changing of modern China.
Zhang said during his long research of the 1980s generation, he found they are facing many more complicated problems than other generations. "'Gusty' is not only a feature film. It's more like a documentary that digs into their lives," he said. (Sina)

Gao Xiaosong, the musician and movie director [My Kingdom] who was recently caught drunken driving, was sentenced by the Dongcheng district court in Beijing on Tuesday to six months of criminal detention and a 4000-yuan fine

Finished with promotion duties for Love For Life/Till Death Do Us Part, Zhang Ziyi flew to the diamond capital, Antwerp, Belgium for the Tesiro brand opening event also attended by the King and Queen of Belgium.

Gong Xinliang  sings the theme song for an MV for an online game that she also acts in.


Donnie Yen is reluctant to play Monkey King ever again due to its elaborate make-up requirements
"I don't need to be naked all the time in the film. Why do they target only me? It makes me feel like I'm not an actress, but a prostitute! I feel very insulted."
In an immediate response, film producer Stephen Shiu Jr was quoted by the same source as saying that the DVD release will have the scene lengthened to four seconds.
René Liu Ruo Ying was recently spotted late at night in Beijing walking out of a massage parlour with a middle-aged man and returning to an apartment together

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