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5.25.2011 - News

THR: 3D 'Sex & Zen' Sells to China Lion for North America
"It is just like being a voyeur near someone's bed," said producer Stephen Shiu Yeuk-Yuen

Hong Kong Oriental Daily News reports that Andrew Lau and Andrew Loo (IMDB) are co-directing Revenge of the Green Dragons, executive produced by Martin Scorcese. However, production which began at the end of last year, stopped due to a copyright dispute. It's an action drama set in New York's Chinatown. The project was originally announced in 2009. The film is based on an investigative article written for the New Yorker by Fredric Dannen, author of Hong Kong Babylon: : An Insider's Guide to the Hollywood of the East."
IMDB:  A gritty, violent take on a true immigrant story set against the vibrant backdrop of New York City's China town. (Sina)

In other related reports, Edison was said to be writing a musical based on his life...He also expressed his wish to meet with Cecilia's husband Nicholas Tse, and hopes that "it would not be a big issue by then".
CNA: Cecilia Cheung spends birthday without husband: Edison Chen to blame?

Hong Kong's Next Magazine is reporting that Joey Wang is the mother of 17 year old illegitimate daughter. The deaf and mute girl living in Taipei and the foster mother, a midwife, is confirming the claim. According to the report, Joey had induced labor at 6-7 months and the baby was thought to have died but was saved in the incubator room. Fu Rui Jiao, received a call from the hospital and the baby girl was adopted by a woman surnamed Du. Fu told her that the mother was a Hong Kong star, single and was involved in a sex scandal with Andy Lau. Du asked, "It's not Joey Wang is it?" And Fu said, yes it was. Fu Rui Jiao, is serving a maximum sentence in jail the past 10 years in the largest baby trafficking case ever. Fu sold more than 40 babies, many reported to be the babies abandoned by those in the movie business. 

Joey Wang's daughter?

Photos of Joey (l) and daughter (r) compared

Zhao Wei 
Chinese actress and pop singer Vicki Zhao Wei has a hot body and she wants you to know it
Zhao Wei in upcoming Grazia issue


Anonymous said...

Edison was said to be writing a musical based on his life

It's not April 1st, is it?

Glenn, kenixfan said...

'"It is just like being a voyeur near someone's bed," said producer Stephen Shiu Yeuk-Yuen'

Nonsensical marketing hype! No CAT. III film from HK has ever been like that, nor have many hardcore films here which are a good deal more "realistic." Just trying to hype the 3-D aspect.

Still, you've got to give credit to someone for exploiting 3-D for a non-comic book/action film.

dleedlee said...

Give Edison and Stephen Shiu credit. Both are hype machines extraordinaire.