Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tang Wei - Red Carpet For "The Artist" (Cannes)

(May 15) Tang Wei in a Dolce and Gabbana number. Disappointingly bland for a red carpet walk. Maybe going for the OL look? But still charming.


Anonymous said...

I might actually give this red-carpet round to Tang Wei. It's a very cute outfit and perfectly matches the fun, sassy mood she seems to be in at Cannes.

The bodice on Li Bingbing's dress made her breasts look disturbingly like buzzsaws. And while I love the color of Fan Bingbing's dress, the lower half reminded me of a hairy grape (you know those kind you forget you had in the refrigerator). And Jeon Ji-hyun's dress was lovely but not particularly memorable.

dleedlee said...

I thought Tang Wei looked great but too casual for a red carpet event; Li Bingbing, too formal, especially if it was a daytime event. Yeah, I didn't like the dress either. I liked FBB's dress, good color. JJH, color didn't suit her, makes her look washed out. Maybe a necklace would have helped.

Next time on Dress Talk... ;D

Diana said...

Tang Wei is a fashion rebel, my new heroine!