Thursday, May 19, 2011

Li Bingbing - From Cannes to London

Li Bingbing revealed that the red carpet for Snow Flower and the Secret Fan was cancelled. No explanation was given.

From Piaget China's weibo

China Night

Li Bingbing is off to London for the Champions League final as Asian Pacific Ambassador.
Too late to see the beautiful scenery, no time to feel the sun and the beaches, farewell to Cannes, next stop London !!

London Calling
First stop is the Adidas shop in Oxford

Li Bingbing trades in her Cannes gowns for a Chelsea FC home blue jersery with her lucky number 27. Her birthday is 2/27.

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Walter said...

She must be "westernized" by all of her travels, because most of the Chinese (mainland and HK) that I know, do NOT like to give nor get hugs. One of my HK friends told me she doesn't even hug her mother! When I hugged one of my friends in Beijing, she just stiffened up and didn't know what to do (and that was when I said "goodbye").