Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bo Kewen (Bu Kewen) aka Chris Bu

Who is Bo Kewen, or Bu Kewen, the stylist behind Fan Bingbing's red crane/white crane gown seen at the Cannes Opening Ceremony?

Well, turns out, regularly readers will have seen his handiwork behind this Zhang Jingchu GQ pictorial
I think I could do this! :D

And remember the June Esquire featuring Chen Man's photographs of Fan Bingbing as Bruce Lee, Che Guevara, et al? Yep, Bo Kewen.

From last year's Cannes Closing Ceremony
Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope!

Some pictures from Chris Bu's Weibo
Fan Bingbing from My Way publicity material

From Chris Bu's Weibo
Fan in white

Fan in pink

Fan in red

Fan Bingbing and Chris Bu 



Anonymous said...

FBB looks pretty tough in that photo for My Way. I don't think I've heard about this film yet. Did you post anything about it that I missed?

Anonymous said...

I was looking for info about My Way and found some early pics of FBB at They must be pre-Bu Kewen, because -- as pretty as she is -- she looks like any other fresh-faced starlet. Now I have a better sense of exactly how much Bu Kewen has helped create the unique style that has put FBB in the international spotlight.

P.S. Some of the pictures in this post are MIA

dleedlee said...

Thanks, fixed the pics, and added a tag for My Way. That's the film she's promoting at Cannes.

I don't think I've heard about this film yet. Did you post anything about it that I missed?

I posted a few brief links to it previously. It's a Sino-Korean co-production co-starring
Jang Dong-Gun and Joe Odagiri.

Don't know much about it: The film will tell a story of a Korean solider who was recruited by the Japanese army to fight for the Germans during World War II. Fan stars as a Chinese woman who falls in love with the Korean solider after meeting him in China.