Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5.24.2011 - News

China Lion pursues America: AMC Entertainment courts Chinese moviegoers with monthly imports
Looking ahead a few months, China Lion will deliver to AMC its first 3D concert film, which features world-music star Cui Jian, also considered the father of rock ’n’ roll in China. Says Barlow, “He’s like the Springsteen of China and the film catches him in concerts in Beijing. The film is in post now and will come out sometime between late July and September. We’re hoping it may even be a crossover.”

CF: June Debut for 'The Devil Inside Me'
CRI: Jet Li Promotes 3-D 'Flying Swords'
CRI: 'Rest on Your Shoulder' Trailer Released

Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing portrays the Empress Dowager in Founding of a Party
Myolie Wu's role was reduced to just one second and only due to an intervention by Chow Yun-Fat.

CF: Michele Reis Covers "Elle" Magazine

CNNGo: Pop 'Twins' to market Queensland to Chinese
Avoiding stereotypical campaigns, North Queensland Tourism picks Canto-pop stars to promote the region's beauty to Australia's fastest-growing tourist market

CNA: Cherie Chung doesn't need romance to be happy
CNA: Zhang Ziyi named ScreenSingapore 2011 event ambassador
MSN: Michelle Reis’ never-ending family feud
MSN: Fan Bingbing to wed 65-year-old actor?
Fan also responded to the rumour in public, and said, "Brainless while making up stories...If there's anything, take it out on me directly, and stop involving [my] seniors
Gillian Chung had recently engaged in an online battle with mainland actress Shao Xiaoshan on the Twitter-like networking site Weibo

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