Friday, May 20, 2011

Wu Xia Cast Meets With the Media - Beijing

(May 20) The cast of Wu Xia met with the press in Beijing to promote Peter Chan's Wu Xia. Peter Chan praised Donnie Yen's action choreography. Host TV presenter Cui Yongyuan teased Tang Wei. He said, "You always seem a little nervous because the press always ask you about old problems. Rest assured, I will not, I am CCTV, we very strictly controlled." Tang Wei was amused and did not know how to respond. Cui asked her to relax.

Peter Chan

Donnie Yen

Tang Wei

Jimmy Wang Yu

Kara Hui

Li Xiaoran

Donnie Yen, Tang Wei

Host Cui Yongyuan,  Donnie Yen

Peter Chan, Donnie Yen

Tang Wei, Jimmy Wang Yu

Kara Hui, Li Xiaoran


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